MTIA Terms and conditions for students:

1. MTIA requires all students to complete and submit all course work which includes quizzes, assignments.
2. Attendance is compulsory for all scheduled classes during the course period. If a student fails to attend, they have to set up
another date with the lecturer for a catch up class at an additional fee.
3. Course Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable. Should a student leave the course before completion; they will be
required to make the full payment of the course.
4. Students must pay their Course Fees on or before the prescribed deadlines.
5. No Certificates will be awarded without timely completion of : Assignments, Practical placement hours, Fees.
6. All information and course materials are strictly confidential; under no circumstances are third parties to have access to them.
7. The Institute reserves the right to terminate the course at any time subject to student’s breach of the Student’s code of
Conduct or non-compliance the Academy’s rules and regulations. In such instances, the course fee will be non-refundable.
8. Please note that the Institute will bear NO responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to the personal articles of student/s.
9. Please note that the Institute will not be responsible for any accident, of whatever nature, within the institute while Students
shall be deemed to take all safety precautions.
10. Letters issued upon the request of students will be at a fee.
11. All complaints are to be made to the relevant person, according to the Student Code of Conduct.
12. The institute will not bear responsibility for any employment (foreign or local) or Visa discrepancies as they are dependent
on individual/agent assessments.