University Preparation College

The University Preparation College (UPC) promotes education as a means to excel in all aspects of life. UPC strives to create a meaningful study experience that recognises every individual’s cultural background and assists and supports students on their chosen path. The UPC Programs are designed to help serious students articulate to a degree or higher education at university, or to work towards vocational trade recognition in Australia. They provide a study environment which allows students to learn smarter, learn better. UPC is based in Sydney which is a multicultural city. The academic staff of UPC are industrially experienced trainers. The college is well equipped with lecture rooms, modern computer labs and common student areas. University Preparation College is proudly working with Mother’s Touch International Academy to deliver quality training in Sri Lanka since 2013. We have had hundreds of graduates passing out from Mother’s Touch International Academy and making their way to Australia for work/study. For more information, have a look at the UPC website:

Signing ceremony between University Preparation College and Mother’s Touch International Academy on 17th July 2013