About Mother’s Touch International Academy

Mother’s Touch International Academy (MTIA) is a pioneer in offering Early Childhood Education qualifications in Sri Lanka. The academy was established over a decade ago as the founder felt that children and families in Sri Lanka would be better served by a system that blends early childhood education and children’s care. Therefore, we strive to create a community where every child can attend a program that blends both aspects. We plan to achieve this through teaching individuals the skills and knowledge which would be required from them to take the best care of our children!

We focus on igniting the passion and deepening the knowledge and skills of Early Childhood Education professionals. Our diploma and certificate courses extend beyond conventional approaches by combining theory and practical placement in a truly global setting, allowing our students to be immersed in best practices from around the world.

We strive to continually expand our knowledge and services to assist our students so they are up-to-date in international legislation, rules and regulations as well as all current research results and new information. Exceptional and in-depth course content and teaching methods make MTIA the ideal choice for students, parents and caregivers to enhance their knowledge in caring and educating children.

2016 Graduation


MTIA is a pioneer in offering Early Childhood Education in Sri Lanka


A Word from Our Founder Director

Welcome to the exciting world of Mother’s Touch. As the founder director, I recognise the importance of offering high quality, affordable education that provides a substantial foundation for students who can work or progress with their higher studies in Early Childhood Education. At Mother’s Touch Preschool & Daycare we put all the theory into practice by meeting the best standards, blending in Sri Lankan culture and values.

MTIA delivers Australian qualifications along with courses especially designed for Sri Lanka. Our courses are upgraded, reviewed and assessed on a regular basis, to keep abreast with norms and trends in Early Childhood Education around the world. MTIA places great importance in adapting new developments in the field of Early Childhood Education and care to suit our culture.

I strongly believe the early childhood period as a unique and valuable stage of the human life cycle. This importance and significance of the childhood period, must be understood by parents, caregivers and teachers. Children are to be nurtured and supported, as they are the future citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.

“Mother’s Touch will give you wings to fly,
when you want to explore the sky, to keep your dreams alive as you fly soaring high”

Our Courses


Certificate in Early Learning

MTIA Courses

Certificate in Early Learning The Certificate in Early Learning

Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education

MTIA Courses

Diploma in Early Childhood Development & Education (Registered TVEC)

Foundation Certificate in Children’s Services

MTIA (Australia)

Foundation Certificate in Children’s Services Equal to Certificate III

Diploma in Childcare Management

MTIA Courses (Australia)

Diploma in Childcare Management (Registered TVEC) The Diploma in